OSHO Afroz provides three different types of accommodation.


  • ROOM IN STONE HOUSE: Rooms are furnished with two or more beds (there is a chance to share with another visitor) and bathrooms (shared with room-mates).                            

  • WOODEN HUT: very simple but beautiful construction with tile roof and electricity.                            

  • TENT that you can set up in the estate. The center owns many of them but it is preferable that you bring your own. Mattress, pillows & bed sheets are supplied. Always good to bring a sleeping bag with you.

Because we can host a limited number of people at our premises, for stone made rooms & huts you need to book as soon as possible.


Those staying at wooden huts and tents use common shower and toilet facilities. Laundry service is also available. Keeping the rooms clean and tidy is a responsibility of the friends  living in them. The center offers all the necessary cleaning equipment and materials that you may need. You have to leave the room in the condition that was found.   


Please get in contact directly with OSHO Afroz to arrange your accommodation. Notice that the accommodation in stone house and huts is limited, therefore places are resrved on a first come, first served basis.



Friday June 25th latest at 18.30h


Wednesday June 30th latest at 11.00h

It is possible to book a longer stay if you wish to do so. Please check availability with OSHO Afroz.

What to bring with me

- A water bottle to refill with our Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water.

- Towels & Earth friendly shower products.

- Whatever you need in order to be comfortable during meditations.  The center provides meditation cushions.
- Yoga Mat

- Beach stuff


In OSHO Afroz there is a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for those staying at the center or participating in some of its activities. The "Slow Food" process is purely vegetarian (with vegan option), mainly traditional Greek or Mediterranean dishes.


Please, if you are on a special diet, take responsibility of your own needs.              


Serving times are: 08:15 Breakfast / 14:00 Lunch / 20:30 Dinner


Since July 2016 we use Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water that are running from the 70%(for now) of tap water including kitchen, bar, both public showers & toilets, in many stone rooms & half of the gardens. Structured Water – The Future of Natural Medicine is created by the natural action of water in nature & contributes to the well being of all!
Lets together be aware of our addiction on plastic and reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Conscious Dance Festival


Tel.: +49 177 50 31 675


Tel.: +34 630 67 91 94

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