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Feldenkrais moves, breath, voice & dance meditations with Turiya Katrin Jonas

Your inner nature's dance – Feldenkrais moves, breath, voice & dance meditations
In this 1-day workshop, you’ll explore your body’s natural capacities by using an intriguing fusion of Feldenkrais movements, breathing sequences, voice and dance. As you shift your awareness from the mind to the heart, you’ll leave tensions and destructive emotions behind and find new ways of self-expression and a loving attitude towards yourself and others.


Feldenkrais movements and intuitive dance
In this introductory workshop, structured movement sequences from the Feldenkrais Method will help you connect with your body on a deeper level and explore genuine ways of self-expression. You’ll explore how conscious movement and intuitive dance can stimulate a true sense of lightness and self.


Morning lightness through Feldenkrais
In this morning class, you’re invited to free your body from unnecessary tensions and explore easy and effortless ways to move your body and express yourself.

These techniques are based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, who developed a healing system of movement sequences that help you to find the full range of your body’s natural capacities.

Turiya is an international Body-Mind therapist, Feldenkrais Practitioner, meditation mentor and author with over 20 years experience in the fields of body-mind integration and meditation. With warm-heartedness, reality awareness and know-how, she encourages her workshop participants to become familiar and confident with their inner world and to express it authentically in harmony with the body.

For as long as she can remember, Turiya has been interested in “how one can make oneself feel at home in one’s body and good in one’s own skin.” This curiosity has been present throughout her entire life and is reflected in the body awareness- and meditation-based work she’s developed over the years, called “BodyWareness”. Whether facilitating individual consultations, intensive programs (she’s a founder of BMDe®, Body-Mind Deprogramming), running workshops or BodyWareness Trainings for medical professionals, therapists and coaches, she works passionately to create realms of experience that focus on self-exploration and activating inner resources.

Taking a straightforward but heart-led approach, she also works with people who address health problems or major stress. No matter what the issue they’re dealing with, be it pain, exhaustion, mental overload, sleeplessness, anxiety, burn-out or lack of fulfilment, she encourages people to find their own way by using the body's perception as a guide.

Perhaps it’s the wide spectrum of experience that makes Turiya’s work so unique. Full of warmth, alertness and depth, she opens up new horizons to her clients and participants and unveils the magic of the present moment.

Moving to the Heart & Conscious Salsa with Sangeet

Moving to the Heart - a compact dance Workshop about intimacy

It is a subject Sangeet has been researching for the last 20 years and it has taken him a long time to really begin to understand what it is and how critically important it is for our health –on many levels– for us individually and for our Planet. We humans need regular, gentle intimacy that is based in respect and trust, just like we need air, water and food. Without it, we are like flowers that wither and fade when they don't have enough sunlight, wind and rain and the lack of conscious intimacy is the root cause of chronic depression and anxiety, addiction and often leads to severe mental or physical illness.

Conscious movement and dance can be a beautiful place to practice and for that we need to identify our boundaries and limits of comfort and to know how to say “No” and “slow down” so that we can again sense what feels good and what not and then we are able to feel confidant and secure in our “Yes” and can welcome and receive the kind of loving physical contact that is nourishing.

Sangeet will be using gentle, subtle guidance and special music to help the participants to relax in movement and dance and support them to rediscover their natural sensitivity and sensuality and experience the healing power of soft, respectful heart connection.


Conscious Salsa

Salsa as a „tool“ for a shift in awareness and as a healing potential, is a revolutionary concept and we can use it to re-discover our sensitivity and respect towards ourselves and others and is a great way to see what we need to learn more about relationship in our daily lives. 
For the man it's a wonderful opportunity to practice being in and moving from his masculinity.
For the Woman it's a great space to find out more about her femininity, to melt, and to let go.

This workshop is for anybody, especially welcome for those who believe that they have no sense of rhythm, and will never ever be able to learn Salsa!

Sangeet is from the UK, but his home has often been in his own heart and in many different countries.
For more than 25 years he was very happy, contented and successful as a professional masseur, body worker and therapist and as a complete contrast spent 20 years also working as a professional DJ.
For the last 40 years, he’s been continually and deeply moved and inspired by Osho.
He’s been fascinated with Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms for the last 24 years and was  fortunate enough to have trained with her in the first and second levels and was authorised to teach the work.
His other lover is Salsa and he’s been flirting, courting and dancing her for more than 30 years, having studied all three styles with teachers from South America and New York and, over the last 20 years, has developed and used his own, unique new approach: “Conscious Salsa”, which is a fiery, gentle and healing combination of many things that he’s learnt, especially about connection, respect and relating.
He’s been continually working on himself for the last 35 years, studying many different methods and therapists, shamans, healers and teachers and has developed his own way of working, which includes, and is a combination of, everything that has worked for his life, using things like: conscious movement, dance, therapy and trauma healing, bodywork, meditation among others.
The name of the work is called as Love Moves - Heart-based Solutions for a Whole New World.

„Into my Groove“ a 5 Rhythms® Movement Meditation with Rani

„The time to get into your groove is right now.” — Gabrielle Roth
5Rhythms® is a creative movement and dance meditation developed by Gabrielle Roth. Collectively, the five universal qualities of being - flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness - create a wave of energy that allows us to get in touch with our bodies and innermost feelings. It’s a way of becoming aware of our body, heart, mind, soul and breath – to feel alive. Movement by movement we connect with the wisdom of our bodies and unleash creativity and healing power, regardless of our age, shape, gender, or physical endurance level.
We move through the 5Rhyhtms alone, in partners, in community, often with music from various genres and sometimes also without any music.

Rani fell in love with 5 Rhythms® Movement Meditation practice on first step in 1999. She was authorized to facilitate by the founder Gabrielle Roth in 2005 Waves and 2010 Heartbeat level. She is a Pedagogue and also trained as a Counselor for Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IKP® Zurich), facilitator for Systemic Rituals®, the Skinner Releasing Technique™,  a certified FSTU® practioner and compleated the Organic Intelligence® HEARTraining® in Istanbul. And she is also trained in the Osho Meditative Therapies Born Again, Reminding Yourself Of The Forgotten Language To Talking To Your Body-Mind and  No Mind. She continues to study different movement, healing and meditation techniques. She was born in Switzerland, is a mother to an adult
daughter and currently based in Istanbul.

Deepdance, your inner rhythm with Carol Villalón Martín

Deepdance is a body work and free dance proposal wherein the music leads the session in a specific musical wave. It’s a wonderful tool for inner work, in which we seek to integrate body, heart, and mind, allowing them to dance all at once. Deepdance is a Dionysian dance ritual.

The music invites us on an emotional and energetic journey, a trip through different sensations and emotions that helps us to get in contact with our inner wisdom and relate to others in a different way.
The rhythms are the rhythms of life, everything we do has these rhythms. Our creativity, our sex - these are the rhythms to ecstasy, the wave to ecstasy. Deepdance is best done blindfolded (although this isn’t compulsory!) as a way of letting go and having a deeper experience.

Deepdance: how it works

The music mixed and laid down by the DJ, alongside the setting of the place itself, combine to create a safe space. After a warm up to get into our bodies, we invite the dancers to stay with their feelings and to put them into their dance, to follow their instinct and let go, enjoying the freedom to move and to release old habits, to let the inner rhythm come up naturally. Our sessions build a spirit of community, of sharing in a respectful environment, making it easier to trust in our freedom to express whatever we need to express.

We begin with some warm up exercises, to get into our bodies, to get to know the other dancers and come into contact with them, as well as preparing the body for movement.
Then comes one-and-a-half hours of non-stop music, where we travel through different kinds of music from different cultures from around the world.
Then there’s a meditation to integrate the session.
Finally, we end with a sharing circle.

Carol Villalón was born in Barcelona. She works as Gestalt therapist, art therapist and music therapist. She’s also a professional DJ and sculptress.
She’s being working in the field of personal growth since 2006 and is the founder of the method called “Deepdance”, which she’s been continuously developing in Barcelona and around Spain since 2010.
She works as a therapist with individual processes and facilitates personal development groups. She’s also a trainer in art therapy for prison staff, as well as in other contexts, such as the TCA course, part of the European Erasmus+ music for development and consciousness programme.
Always focused on art, body movement, dance and music, she believes that those disciplines can be a true path for personal healing. She’s also experienced in bioenergetics and transpersonal therapy (Holotropic Breathwork).

Let life move you! Biodanza – dance of life with Prem Helen

In this Biodanza – dance of life process, we’re creating an intense experience of being alive by moving, connecting and celebrating our joy of living. Let life move you! is an invitation to drop the desire to perform or to follow a technique and to tune in with ourselves, with other people, with nature and with life in our dance.

Biodanza translates to dance of life and is a holistic system for self-transformation created in the late 1960s in Chile by Rolando Toro, a professor, artist and visionary. During the Biodanza journey we will use music, movement and touch to (re)discover our connection with life and strengthen our abilities of affective communication. We’ll experience different human movement qualities, such as rhythm, lightness, expressivity and flow. By exploring these movement qualities, we are invited to unfold our unique potentials as dancers and as human beings.

As the dances and exercises proposed in Biodanza are based on natural human movement qualities – and not on fixed dance steps or choreographies – the group is open for people with any level of previous experience in dancing and physical fitness. The role of the Biodanza facilitator is to provide a safe environment where we can allow ourselves to be moved by life.

Prem Helen Rupp is a Biodanza facilitator and didactic teacher certified by the International Biodanza Federation (IBF). From 2009 to 2012, she attended the Biodanza School SRT – System Rolando Toro in Berlin and has been enrolled in the European Biodanza didactic teacher’s training Didacta 2018/2019 in Italy and Portugal. She has participated in several specialized Biodanza trainings, such as Biodanza and massage/contact education (2011/2012) Biodanza, voice and percussion (2012) and Biodanza with children and adolescents (2018).

Biodanza has been an inspiration for her personal growth and transformation and it also brought about a radical change in her professional life. Coming from the academic field, she enrolled in a one-year full time dance training parallel to the weekend Biodanza school and started her yoga and meditation practice. While she successfully completed her PhD on international migration, she followed her heart and committed to teaching Biodanza as a way of bringing more joy and peace to this world. Since 2014, she has been a certified holistic non-medical practitioner working with the energy medicine system InnerWise, systemic card readings and ayurvedic breast care massage. She has also completed the OSHO meditation facilitator training.
She’s been practicing Biodanza for more than ten years and teaching in different places in Germany and internationally since 2012.

Ecstatic Dance with Arun JI

ECSTATIC DANCE is a non-verbal journey to openness through music and movement.
A space beyond the mind where the body can express itself freely, intimately connecting with oneself and/or with the group.

Arun Ji is one of the pioneers of Ecstatic Dance in Europe and India.  For the past 10 years, he’s played music at alternative and conscious events, and explored in depth different forms of dance and meditation. In his sessions he creates a rich musical journey. Carefully mixing a wide range of styles covering a broad emotional spectrum, he facilitates the meeting of celebration and meditation in our dance.

His sensitivity, technique and taste in music is well received at festivals and in communities around Europe, Russia and India, where he’s regularly invited to play. Arun Ji hosts and plays Ecstatic Dances in Barcelona and Madrid, and organizes several Ecstatic Dance festivals and retreats around the globe in places like Ibiza, Almería, Barcelona, Goa and Portugal.

Sufi Whirling with Dhyana Vargas

Whirling is a sufi ancient technique, where you whirl on the spot with your arms opened. This method goes very deep, taking the whirler out of the mind and into his/her center, into his/her being. While your whole body is moving suddenly you become aware of a space inside of you that is unmoved, this is YOU. 'To know this unmoving center is to know the very master key of all the mysteries of life.' (Osho)


Accompanied by Baltazar playing traditional sufi music, Dhyana will share a space for you to learn and  experience this ancient centering technique that helps the mind to relax, moving you into a soft silent meditative space.

Dhyana Vargas (Colombia, based in Berlin) loves sharing her passion for meditation, dance and awareness. She became a certified meditation facilitator in Berlin as well as in Pune, India at the OSHO International Meditation Resort. Her fascination for Sufi Whirling took her to practice it with the sufi master Oruç Güvenc in Turkey.

Currently Dhyana shares OSHO Active Meditations and OSHO meditative therapies, teaches Sufi Whirling and offers Aquafloating sessions around the world. She is the creator of the Whirling in Berlin as
well as OSHO Meditation Colombia and co-creator of Conscious Dance Festivals.

Ecstatic Dance with Mridu

In the year 2000, Bodhitara (inspired by Vin Marti’s Soul Motion) was dancing religiously on sunday mornings, making fresh mix tapes each and every week...

As music technology advanced, and new sounds continued to evolve, it was Max Fathom who brought dance to the next level at Kalani on the Big Island of Hawaii. He was already familiar with Gabrielle Roth's wonderfully complete 5Rhythms. At Ecstatic Dance, we join together to create a safe and sacred space for dancing.

Not talking on the dance floor allows us to move out of our heads and into our bodies, hearts, and souls. We leave behind the words and worries of the day and connect with spirit and one another in new ways. It’s been created as a safe contained space, whether we’re dancing alone or with others.

It’s what you make of it...

Mridu was born in Greece. In 2007, he discovered meditation, Osho, alternative therapies and the ecstatic dance movement. He fell in love with the conscious way of living and working with people. ED for him is a way of using music and movement as a vehicle to open the body/mind and to access deeper states of consciousness, joy, presence and  healing. A beautiful way of transforming the individual, conditioned human into a holistic being.

Mridu has trained in many different modalities, such as Osho Meditative Therapies (Mystic Rose, No Mind, Born Again), Tantra, Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma release, From Separation To Unity, Osho Active Meditations, Sound Healing and Reiki.

He is the creator of Ecstatic Dance Greece, sharing ED events all over Greece and abroad.

With ED, he’s inviting people together for dance, communion, love, joy and healing - an invitation to Life.

Body, Art & Consciousness with Kabiro

This will be an exploration of your body and soul through movement, paint and poetry. A space to free your creativity in new ways both on your own and through playful partner and group interaction.

Ma Amano Kabiro (Lara Ubago) has for decades studied and engaged deeply with many of the conscious body work and dance forms that have arisen over recent times.

She is an artist and art director, as well as having trained as a breath worker, bodyworker and gestalt art therapist. She also co-organises the Conscious Dance Festival and facilitates Body and Art workshops in Spain.

Mindful Flow Yoga with Elena Mahí Pavlidou-Reisig

Mindful Flow Yoga, as developed by Mahí, is an active yet gentle practice, which offers both new and advanced practitioners the space to explore movement and breath at a slow pace. It combines short vinyasa sequences, practiced slowly and focusing on transitions, and more static hatha yoga elements with longer holds. While offering detailed cues throughout the practice, it actively encourages and supports proprioception and the notion that each practitioner can determine what works best for their body.

Dance and movement have accompanied Mahí since her early childhood, leading her from a classical ballet training to contemporary and modern dance, and planting the seed of her fascination for awareness and coordination of movement, flow and lines. In her twenties, she discovered yoga as wonderful means to energise and centre her body and mind, allowing her to respond with calmness to the demands of her work as an architect. Mahí is a registered architect, certified yoga teacher (Hatha, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga) and modern dance teacher (ISTD). Her training further includes meditation and breathwork techniques, anatomy, ayurveda, energy and chakra work. 
Today, Mahí works as a yoga teacher and meditation facilitator for OSHO Active Meditations, leading workshops and retreats mainly in Europe, while also practicing and researching in the field of architecture.

A Journey into Intuitive, Conscious Touch with Garuda Sankara

Massage, music and meditation are intricately connected. By enhancing the stimulation of the senses, music encourages greater presence within our bodies and movement aids awareness and expression of our physical selves. Dance is a form of meditation, an expression of our inner beings, our emotional and spiritual realities. Massage is a dance of giving and receiving loving energy, especially when performed in a flowing and intuitive manner.

Originally graduating in Anatomy, Physiology and Swedish Massage, Garuda has been a bodyworker for over 20 years. Combining the skills acquired through a variety of further trainings with his own emotional intelligence and intuitive touch, his sessions promote a profound state of relaxation from where the physical stress of everyday life can be released. Working deeply on the body, he’s also able to isolate all problem areas, and lovingly squeeze out any tension he finds, bringing instant relief where it’s most needed.
Like a journey of rediscovery through your body, his sessions are designed to allow you to completely let go and reconnect with your physical self and the emotional story your body reveals. This enables a healing journey towards holistic wellbeing, combining physical, emotional and spiritual health.
With a background in social work, teaching and psychotherapy, Garuda is also an OSHO Active Meditations Facilitator, and spends most of the year in Greece, but also travels around Europe giving sessions and facilitating trainings and meditation.

Ecstatic Dance with La May

Dance without thinking. Dance as medicine, music as the guidance to the soul. Ecstatic Dance is not a new practice that’s just been invented. Ecstatic Dance is inspired by the ritual dances of antiquity. It’s simply a return to our roots, to feel and live the dance as a sacred ritual through music and free movement, without rules, or stipulated steps. It enables body, mind and spirit to flow and reach ecstasy, and awakens a state of awareness where we connect with our divine nature, and where we encounter the peace and infinite love that we all are.

Ecstatic Dance empowers people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to freely express themselves. The liberating atmosphere creates a melting pot of acceptance, and the fearlessness with which others move gives newbies the permission and courage to dance without inhibition.

Mayra Hernández is a multifaceted being. Creative producer of consciousness dance  experiences; founder, DJ, facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Colombia, singer and songwriter.
Music addict and navigator of the path of consciousness and meditation. After learning about Buddhism in Dharamsala, India and diving deep into her yoga and meditation practice as part of the Hridaya Yoga community in Mexico, where she discovered the practice of conscious dance and movement meditation, Mayra got certified as Ecstatic Dance facilitator.  She truly believes in the synergy between dance, music and mindfulness  practices as powerful healing and transformation tools, both individually and collectively. Therefore, as a way of adding her own grain of sand to the transformation and expansion of mindfulness practices in her local community, she dedicated all of last year to shaping Ecstatic Dance Colombia, the conscious dance, free movement and active meditation experience in which she invites people to experience dance and music as a conscious practice of energetic, emotional and mental liberation. In her guise as DJ and singer  "La May ", she pays homage to Colombian, Latin American, tribal, African, ancestral and tropical sounds.

Conscious Dance Festival


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